Marriage is a picture of God’s love for His bride, the church. That can seem like a serious, lofty idea when you take time to think about it. It is hard to put legs on that deep, spiritual meaning of marriage. Sometimes it helps us as married couples to understand the spiritual meaning of marriage by focusing on the practical application and the everyday simple ways we can show sacrificial love to our spouse. 

Think about some practical ways you can display love to your spouse. I know my spouse enjoys regular date nights more when I plan them to help her relax. She also enjoys physical affection when we are together. Something as simple as holding hands or a quick kiss can fill her with joy. It is the little things in marriage that become the big things. Those little acts of love and grace are the simplest ways to reflect God’s character to our spouse and grow a Christ-centered marriage.

Start by making a difference today!
Show affection when you are together. Even if your time together in the same room is short, holding hands or lovingly reaching out with physical touch can be so meaningful and build connection. Do the small things that mean the most to your spouse on a regular basis. As your love and devotion grows through the small and simple acts of grace, your marriage will reflect the love of Jesus to those around you. 

Love well, Brad.