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A proactive approach to marriage ministry.

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The Problem

Stagnancy and complacency make marriages vulnerable and subject to attack. Then, marriage breakdown and divorce impact families and churches for decades. We can no longer simply react to crisis. Churches and couples must be proactive and invest time, energy and creativity into their marriages.

The Solution

Sustained growth rarely occurs without structure and accountability. Grace Marriage provides the church a marriage ministry structure that focuses on wellness and crisis prevention. This church marriage resource is an ongoing approach created for all couples and is designed such that it is not a strain on the church budget or staff time.

“We chose Grace Marriage because we wanted to invest in ourselves. We’ve been able to communicate more than just surface and are now dating more. It’s given us the ability to prioritize ourselves, especially while still having kids in the house.”

James & Tiara

Grace Marriage Members

“There has never been a ministry that has impacted our church more than Grace Marriage.  Over the last 7 years, it’s changed the culture and health of our congregation.  As an added bonus, I rarely have to do marriage counseling anymore because so many of our people are focusing on their marriages on a regular basis, and they are now flourishing!”

Jamus Edwards


“Grace Marriage is that constant reminder to us older couples that we should never get lazy in our marriage; that investing in each other God’s way is an ongoing necessity this side of heaven, yielding eternal benefits; and that giving grace is one of the key ingredients in doing so.”

Bill & Jo B.

Facilitators & Members

“Grace Marriage is more than a program or a ministry! GM is an ongoing wellness strategy which elevates any marriage towards God’s ordained plan for the institution of marriage. GM is a game changer when it comes to developing life-giving marriages!!!”

Brian Bolton


“Grace Marriage has been so valuable to the health of our relationship. It’s a time to recapture and grow in our marriage. It’s like the early years…with a chance to experience new things in our relationship and to make our together time a priority!”

Eric & Cynthia H.

Grace Marriage Members

“We have had a wonderful marriage for almost 40 years and participating in Grace Marriage has made it even better!”

Russ King

Minister of Church Life

“Grace Marriage has had a positive impact on marriages in our church, including mine! Thanks to the session every quarter, my wife and I have the opportunity to carve out time for crucial discussions with one another.  I am grateful to see couples proactively working on their relationship rather than waiting until there is a problem.”

Wesley S. Dunn

Minister of Discipleship



Grace Marriage participants are finding grace and joy in their marriages in 2021!