Our mission is to equip the local church with effective, ongoing, grace-based marriage ministries.

  • Protect and grow marriages in the local church and community.
  • Lessen crisis marriage counseling and divorce.
  • Provide a marriage ministry without it being a drain on the church budget or staff time.
  • Provide a church everything it needs for promotion, implementation and maintenance.
  • Engage couples to put marriage under the grace of Christ and be intentional.
  • Completely change the perception and reality of marriage in our culture.

Brad and Marilyn Rhoads (Cofounders of Grace Marriage):
Brad Rhoads graduated from Furman University and the University of Kentucky College of Law.

Brad and Marilyn Rhoads
(Cofounders of Grace Marriage)

Brad practiced law at a large firm in Nashville, TN before starting Rhoads and Rhoads Owensboro in 1996. He practiced law at Rhoads and Rhoads until 2015 when he transitioned to full-time work for Grace Marriage. While practicing law, Brad had the privilege of serving as Special Justice on the Kentucky Supreme Court and being appointed by the Kentucky Supreme Court to the Bar Admissions Committee.

Brad was ordained as Pastor of Marriage at his local church in 2011 and has served in that role ever since. Brad has pursued further education in marriage and the family through conferences, reading and auditing several seminary courses.

Brad writes materials, leads marriage groups, leads marriage conferences and has developed Grace Marriage Coaching. Brad has been married to Marilyn Hudson Rhoads for 20 years and has five children.

Marilyn Rhoads graduated with a psychology degree from Lipscomb University and got her Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern Indiana. Marilyn ran on the cross country team at Lipscomb and graduated University of Southern Indiana with a 4.0.

Marilyn counseled with children at Counseling Associates in Owensboro, KY before deciding to use her talents at home raising five children.

Marilyn has been married to Brad for over 20 years and works with Grace Marriage assisting in writing, editing, speaking and leading marriage groups and marriage conferences. She continues to spend most of her time staying home with their four daughters and one son.

“We’ve seen the breakdown of the family inside the courtroom. We’ve seen it inside the church. We are long overdue for a proactive movement in churches to help marriages thrive and to stabilize the family.”